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Wiley's Seasonings arrow Wiley's Greens Seasoning

Wiley's Greens Seasoning

Price: $1.49
Number pieces in packaging:1

Wiley's Greens Seasoning will remind you of the fresh sweet taste of smokehouse-cured bacon: The flavor and the aroma make a pot of fresh greens (collards, turnip greens, mustard greens, cabbage, spinach or kale) taste that good. And there's more to it than just the great natural taste - Wiley's? Green Seasoning is fat free & cholesterol free, too. Just imagine a fresh pot of greens that taste like Mama's, but without the fat or cholesterol. With Wiley's? Greens Seasoning, it's simple!
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1/4 tsp - (1g)
Servings Per Pouch about 28
Amount Per Serving
Calories 3
Calories from Fat 1
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 0g0%
Saturated Fat 0g0%
Cholesterol 0g0%
Sodium 105g4%
Total Carbohydrate < 1g1%
Dietary Fiber 0g0%
Sugars < 0.5g 
Protein 0g
Vitamin A 0%Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 0%Iron 0%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.


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Customer Reviews:

roxanne bartlette  ()
Rating: 5
I love this product could not get my daughter to eat greens with pork in it but she likes the taste of Uncle Wiley's seasoning with no problem. Thumbs
up I give you a (10).rnJust can't get the product any more in Stop & Shop in the Connecticut stores. It seems to be high to ship and when you
offer a sale it does not deduct in price what's up?

joyce bornmann  ()
Rating: 5
Years ago first bought this in Walmart and Publix, now can only find online. We love this on many fresh vegetables. Many of my Yankee neighbors never
liked collards until they ate mine at our clubhouse dinners.rnNow I am giving packets to them as gifts. Will you ever sell the four pack
online?rnrnSouthern Lady Joyce Bornmannrnrn

Shari Davis  ()
Rating: 5
I simply love this stuff. When it first came out at Walmart several years ago we saw it, we tried it, and were sold! They quit carrying it for a
while, and we found your website and now we order in bulk. Thanks for a wonderful product!

Lisa Scott  ()
Rating: 5
Love this stuff, I wasn't a big fan of any type of greens but after using this seasoning I was sold.rnCan't find it anymore here in Georgia, glad you
have a website.

Rating: 5
rnlove your seasonings, couldn't find them in path mark anymore so I desided to oder them on line. Thank you for being there. Peggy Lockhart
I rate them a 5 star.


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Last Updated: Friday, 27 November 2015

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You Said

  • "My mom told me about this product and my I loved it. I could never find it until now. my whole family will love my corn again. Thank you. The McFaddens"
  • "I received my order dated 09-18 thank you. the first used your seasoning was last year from western beef store. could not find more until i saw your web site. thank you for these products no more using so much FAT IN FOOD."
  • "I love your seasonings! I couldn't find it in Winn-Dixie in High Springs which is where I first found it. I couldn't find it in Publix-my favorite grocery store to buy my groceries. Please get in touch with these stores in Florida."
  • "I'm so glad the we finally found your product again!!! We have looked for years and have not been able to locate it. My family LOOOOOVED this!! It must be good if we have search for years for this unforgettable taste!!"
  • "I just love the green seasoning. It far exceeds any meat used to season your greens. Thank you for this remarkable seasoning."
  • "I truly love these products. They were carrying them in the Wal-mart and Kroger stores in Raleigh NC and now I cannot find them. All my friends and relatives were using this as well. I spread the word."
  • "I am so glad I found you on line. I started purchasing your seasoning mix at Publix and have not been able to find it at any grocery store. This is the best seasoning mix I have found. My husband and I have been trying to cut all the fat out and beans jus."
  • "We found your green seasoning at a local store one time and it made the greens delicious and very authentic."
  • "I attend a Nutrition Class the University of Nevada Reno and this is how I found out about your products. I hope they are as good as I was told."
  • "This is a great product. I have purchased all of it available at my local WalMart #1053 LaGrange KY and they just don't seem to restock. Go to work on them!"
  • "I have been using Wileys Seasoning since my local Wal-Mart was out of the greens seasoning. Wileys seasoning ROCKS!!"
  • "Everything I have tried is absolutely wonderful. You make me look good and you make me able to shine in the kitchen now. Have you ever been on Ophras show? You should be. Thank you!"
  • "Please make every effort you can to get these seasoning packs to me before I cook on New Years Day. The greens just wont be the same. Thank you so much and Happy New Year."
  • "My daughter has been searching for the Corn Boil for a long time! I Googled it and found you! They are visiting this coming weekend Aug 3-4. I am hoping that you will ship this order right away so I can surprise her with them! Thanks Karen"
  • "I absolutely love the peas and beans and the greens seasoning i have purchased at the publix supermarket in tallahassee. i know i will love these. i also am going to try some of the recipes. i have added this web site to my favorites."
  • "Thank you for making a way for me to get my hands on your product. I've tried so hard for a month to get it again at Wal-Mart as late as this morning!I hope it comes soon."
  • "Your seasonings are great. Looking forward to receiving my order really soon. Thank you and God Bless!"
  • "I talked with Greg about your products what a nice man. Your seasonings are wonderful I want to try them all. Thanks again. Jan J"
  • "Uncle Wileys seasoning is hard to find in the Tampa area. I'm glad you have a website to order from for our eating delight."
  • "I absolutely LOVE the Chili Lime Salad Seasoning..The Black bean and Nible Corn Salad is awesome ...I also add a can of rinsed blackeyed peas and my children love it !!!!"
  • "My aunt who lives outside of Atlanta introduced me to this & I LOVE IT!!!! Wish it was sold in our groceries in New Orleans!"
  • "I just love your seasoning so much! I hate it that I can no longer get it at my local Wal-Mart Supercenter. I even complained to the manager..."
  • "I absolutely LOVE your seasonings. They are the best tasting. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Yvette"
  • "I love this stuff!
    I love this flavor...for some reason I cant find it at my SuperWalmart or Albertsons here in Osprey and Venice FL. It makes my egg white omelet dance to banjoes!"
  • "I've tried the Greens Seasoning and Beans and Peas Seasoning I've tremendously enjoyed your seasonings and Dr. Carver would be extremely proud that you carry on his legacy!"
  • "My daughter introduced me to your corn boil a couple of years ago and I have used it ever since. Even marinate corn in the husks before grilling and have been very pleased. Every product I've tried has been great. Wal-Mart & Kroger no longer carry"
  • "I love your seasonings! They make southern cooking easy and healthy. I found it difficult to navigate thru your web site. Please make it more user friendly. I contacted Stop & Shop I love your seasonings! I wish I could purchase them here in NW Arkansas in the stores......"
  • "I am so excited to have found your website. I have enjoyed your greens and sweet potato/yam spice seasonings since my first introduction some three years ago at a family gathering in Atlanta"
  • "Your products are great! Its like soul food cooking without the Guilt!!!!!!!!! Thank You Connie B"
  • "Cant wait! Wileys is great! Getting ready for Thanksgiving with your wonderful seasonings!"
  • "Super Walmart says they discontinued your product and its probably because the public don't know how good it is. I have used the corn & greens seasoning my family went wild over them."
  • "This product is no longer being sold here and yesterday 1/24/2009 I traveled over 200 miles to Chicago trying to find this product. Today I found your web site and I am very happy. I will be ordering often from here."
  • "I love the seasonings! I started with the greens seasoning expanded into the corn boil and am excited to try the salad seasonings. Way to go for brining the flavor of the South in a healthy way."
  • "Great products. Cant seem to find in often in the supermarkets. When I do I try to buy all of them. Thank You and keep up the good work!"
  • "Thanks for the Stimulus Savings Uncle Wiley...I love you product and I wish they were in stores locally in Milwaukee."
  • "Wileys Greens Seasoning is the greatest ingredient I have ever found to add seasoning to greens dried beans and even burgoo. It is fabulous!"
  • "Dont know what I would do without you guys. I cook collards with smoked turkey and my family thinks its like Christmas everytime!!! Thanks for the seasoning. I could not get that flavor without you."
  • Your seasonings are the BEST!!!
  • "Glad I found your website. Never used seasonings in my bean soup before until someone sent me yours. I use a combination of your sweet seasoning with a cajun spice seasoning and I get so many compliments I am just blown away."
  • "I finally got around to trying your bean seasoning and really loved it! Then I found I couldn't find it my local stores any more. I'm glad I can order it direct. DONT stop making it!!"
  • "Your pea seasoning is the BEST...we have heart trouble and it is a life saver...Kroger will not order for us anymore.."

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